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Federation Style Renovations & Restorations

Federation homes reflect the architecture seen toward the end of the 19th century ending close to the 1920s.

Built to reflect the lifestyle of Australians, it catered to an outdoor lifestyle with large verandas included underneath the main roof. Exploring this style of house, you would see it spectacularly presented from outside with distinctive roofing and brick chimney.

Roofs nearly always made with deep red or dark brown terracotta tiles. After climbing the small staircase and stepping onto the patio, ordained with detailed and decorative tiles and timber handrails, you would see the beautiful front door set with leadlight glass. 

Walking across the decorative tile entryway, you would notice the very high ceilings with artistic plasterwork and many of the lights with ornamental roses crated into their surroundings.

These homes are generally quite large built in either one story or two in the more upmarket versions. 

There can be challenges to overcome when renovating this type of home given the age, however it is well worth it to preserve this stunning and thoroughly Australian design.