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Bathroom Renovation Experts

The Bathroom is a place to relax and wash away the stress of everyday life.  But it’s hard to relax when the tiles are cracked, the taps won’t stop leaking, the exhaust fan won’t stop buzzing and the shower head shoots water out every direction.

Changing the basins, cupboards and fittings are the easiest ways to give your bathroom a facelift however we can restructure the room to give you more space and a better layout.  We will make sure that the bathroom is fully water-proofed to stop any existing problems returning after the renovation, and use the latest in bathroom water-saving technology.

If you need a bathroom designed for a home you are building, we can find out what you want and create a design and manage the project for you. 

So when its time to move in you can relax straight away in the bathroom you always wanted!